Jergens, Inc. announces Visi-Trak as the newest partner to join the Jergens Shanghai Commercial Company, Ltd. Facility

By locating its China headquarters in a high-tech R&D park in the PuDong Jinqiao District of Shanghai, Jergens, Inc. has opened the door to bring world-class brands like Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC to the local market.

CLEVELAND, OHIO - March, 2017

On October 1, 2016 Jergens, Inc. welcomed our newest partner Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC to its wholly owned foreign entity (WOFE) in Shanghai. Located in a new economic development technology park in the Jinqiao District in PuDong, Shanghai, China, the 500-square meter facility contains offices, warehousing and a technical center featuring permanent product displays.

Visi-Trak Worldwide, a pioneer in monitoring, process control and automation for the die-casting industry has helped customer’s increase efficiency, quality levels, and profitability for over 35 years. Bryon Shafer is the General Manager of the ASG Division and Jergens Shanghai facility. He noted, “We are extremely excited to welcome the world-class Visi-Trak brand to our operations in China.”

Additionally, Shafer commented, “While our WOFE in China was established in 2006 to grow market share of the Jergens brands into the Chinese market, the business model has recently expanded to provide local market access to other US mid-market industrial product manufacturers like Visi-Trak.”

Jergens can deliver a broad range of solutions in the areas of HR & Payroll, Accounting & Finance, Logistics & Warehousing and Sales, Marketing and New Business Development in China. For more information Bryon Shafer can be contacted at Jergens, Inc., 15700 S. Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110-3898 or 216-706-6400 or by email

Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC Joins Jergens Divisions in China Market

Jack Vann, is the founder and CEO of Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC. Mr. Vann noted, “The Visi-Trak partnership with Jergens Shanghai has helped establish our sales and support team in the China industrial market. We are seeing positive results from the efforts made over the last seven months to further establish our presence and ability to serve this market. The availability of outstanding office space, as well as other services, shortened the time it took us to get started. This partnership made it easy for our employee in the U.S., Mr. Hengyu Zhu to transfer to the China office and focus entirely on sales efforts and supporting our existing customers in China. “ Mr. Vann also indicated, “[The partnership] has made it easier to deal with many of the compliance and other administrative issues and has proven to have immediate benefits across the board. Opening the China Sales and Support office with Jergens enables us to pursue the rapidly growing die casting industry at the end user level.”

Having direct sales staff on the ground in China, has enabled Visi-Trak to generate many new business development opportunities and is creating many new prospects. Mr. Vann says, “We are very excited about the potential growth opportunity this alliance offers Visi-Trak Worldwide.” With the growth Visi-Trak is seeing, they are currently planning for additional engineering support personnel needs in China. The human resources services that Jergens can supply will make evaluating and hiring local engineering talent much easier for VTW.

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Founded in 1981, Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC is a worldwide leader in process control and automation for the aluminum, magnesium and Zinc die-casting industries worldwide. From the first monitoring and shot control applications to today’s complete process automation solutions, Visi-Trak has provided industry with the tools needed to increase quality and throughput while decreasing cost. Visi-Trak continues to help customers become more competitive by developing and licensing new control technologies. From shot control systems for high integrity castings, to high-speed, high-resolution sensor technologies, to PLC HMI interfaces, and monitoring software – Visi-Trak combines them all into complete process automation solutions. Visi-Trak is an ongoing supporter of industry research and development and a charter member SDCE, ADCI, and NADCA. Visi-Trak established its initial business in China over the last several years by working with several leading machine builders.

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