The Auto Feed System

The Auto Feed System

The ASG Auto Feed System is designed to increase production while decreasing cycle time and labor costs. This is accomplished through attributes that provide for speed, reliability, and use of maintenance. In regards to speed, the system is very swift, delivering a screw to the jaw set in less than half a second. Because of its simplistic design, the system is also reliable and consistent, providing for virtually jam-free operation. Finally, the system has multiple access panels that may be removed without tools, to provide for ease of maintenance.

ASG offers two types of Auto Feed Systems - a manual auto feed system and an integrated auto feed system.

The manual auto feed system consists of four main components:

  • Vibratory Bowl Feeder
  • Stroke Mechanism: Forward bit stroke or telescoping
  • Customizable nose piece
  • Customizable jaw set

The integrated auto feed system consists of four main components:

  • Vibratory Bowl Feeder
  • Fastening Slide
  • Customizable nose piece
  • Customizable jaw set

The auto feed system is capable of feeding and fastening various types of screws (metric, self-threading, self-tapping, etc.) with various types of head (countersunk, flat, oval, etc.) and various types of imprint (slotted, cross-slotted, etc.).

Vibratory Bowl Features and Benefits

  • Precisely aligns the screws and presents them to the screw selector. Wherein, they are rapidly dispensed into the distribution tube. Finally, a blast of air propels the screw past the screw sensor into the jaw set
  • The PLC, signaled by the screw sensor, initiates the driving sequence
  • Dependable screw feeding is managed by the PLC to optimize all machine parameters
Vibratory Bowl

Nose Piece and Jaw Set

Nose Piece and Jaw Set

The nose piece holds the screw blown from the bowl feeder and guides it toward the work piece, enabling the bit to engage the screw and fasten the components.

  • Allows excellent axial compensation
  • Accurate screw guide to fastening location
  • Capable of attaining various depths
  • Customizable for space constraint dependent on application
  • Compact in size and provides screw tip visibility
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Bit engages the fastener, eliminating the fastener pushing back into the jaw set

The ASG Manual Auto Feed System

The ASG Manual Auto Feed System of two main components – the vibratory bowl feeder and the stroke mechanism – as well as a customizable nose piece and jaw set. The stroke mechanisms for the manual system are forward bit stroke and telescopic stroke.

Auto Feed with Forward Bit Stroke

    Patented Forward Bit Stroke
  • Tip of the screw is visible in order to assist the operator
  • Forward stroke automatically retracts the bit, therefore minimizing surface damage
  • Increased fastening process: screw tip is visible to the operator, which eases centering on the screw hole, streamlining process time and safety
  • Long bit stroke: allows reaching tightening points with difficult access (such as close to sidewalls) or narrow recesses
  • Nose Piece Rotation: 360° in 60° increments
  • Nose Piece Quick Release System: quick and safe bit replacement

Auto Feed with Telescopic Device

  • Equipped with telescopic device to work with high speed and optimum grip at different depths or inside the holes
  • Screw shooting sensor: Aside from offering reliable tightenings and continuous working cycles with minimal screw jams, the version with 2 sensors controls the final screw height
  • All models are equipped with a nozzle allowing practical rotation of the head in 6 positions at 360°. Thus, the position of the head can be adjusted based on the encumbrances of assembled workpiece

Pneumatic and Electric Screwdrivers

ASG offers a full line of inline and pistol grip pneumatic drivers with a torque range of 0.4 to 40 N.m across the series. Please contact ASG for additional information.

The ASG SD2500 Electric Screwdriver are an inline fixture mount tool covering a range of 0.1 N.m to 5.6 N.m across the series. Please contact ASG for additional information.

The ASG Integrated Auto Feed System

The ASG Integrated Auto Feed System

The ASG Integrated Auto Feed System consists of two main components – the vibratory bowl feeder and the fastening slide – as well as a customizable nose piece and jaw set. This system is designed to be integrated into assembly systems and robots.

Fastening Slide

Engineered for proper movement, the fastening slide ensures a proper stroke approach of the motor/screw to the component to be tightened. This provides high quality fastening of the assembled product to ensure all screws are properly fastened. Manufactured with aluminum alloy, the fastening slide is light and compact (as narrow as 40mm in width) and can be used on solutions with manipulators or robots and supports axial thrust (for example with self-drilling screws).

  • Includes a support structure, pneumatic cylinders, and driver
  • The steel backbone structure allows for the unit to be mounted to robotic arms or manipulators; while the pneumatic cylinder(s) provide the force to accurately drive the fastener into the part
  • The driver can be pneumatic or electric. The X-PAQ™ SD2500 (DC Electric) tool is recommended to maintain precision within the system.
  • Manages the working cycle and guarantees high flexibility, by allowing changes to be made to the tightening cycle based on the specific application
  • Ideal for manipulators, robots and anthropomorphic arms
  • For air nutrunner motors: ø max 36 mm
  • For electric nutrunner motors: ø max 42.5 mm

Nutrunners and Screwdrivers

Specifically designed and manufactured for industrial automation and applications where high cycle times are required. Pneumatic motors and the ASG X-PAQ™ SD2500 (for electric applications) ensure constant performance for each unique application. These torque control products are sized dependent on application, type of joint, and fastener.

Pneumatic Nutrunner Motor

  • 0.4 to 40 N.m
  • Models with air shut-off and built-in torque transducer for
  • monitoring the tightening cycle

X-PAQ™ SD2500 Electric Screwdrivers

  • 0.1 to 5.6 N.m (for higher torque, please contact ASG)
  • Controls and monitors the entire assembly cycle and it stores and collects statistical data
  • Precise torque and angle control

View the ASG Handheld Auto Feed Operator's Manual

View the ASG MCA Integrated Auto Feed Operator's Manual

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