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The AX-03 Robot Package

Includes: Robot, Integrated Auto Feed, and Drive Tool

The AX-03 robot package is designed with the sophisticated end user and systems integrator in mind. The package comes complete with fully integrated ASG Auto Feed screw feeding system and driver. The package is pre-assembled, programmed, and tested prior to shipment; allowing it to be up and running and driving screws in a matter of minutes.

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AX-03 Package
AX-03 Package

The AX-03 packaged components are:

  • Choice of Driver: ASG X-PAQ™ SD2500, X-PAQ™ EH2, or Fiam® driver
  • ASG Integrated Auto Feed screw feeding system with 1L or 3L bowl size
  • Choice of robot type
  • Single or dual stroke pneumatic slide for screw placement
  • Controls Options:
    • On-board Robot PLC
    • Standard controls package is Allen Bradley, other manufacturers available upon request

ASG Number 1Robot Type 2Max. Robot Envelope Size 3Torque Range Power Min. Air Pressure
mm N.m PSI
AX03-0000 SCARA 450, 550, 650, 850, 1050, 1200 0.1 - 500 230V/1 PH 92
6-Axis 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500 0.1 - 500 230V/1 PH 92
Cartesian Up to 4450 per axis 0.1 - 500 230V/1 PH 92

1 Cartesian robot is either 2-Axis (X-Y) or 3-Axis (X-Y-Z). Inquire with ASG if a different configuration is necessary.

2 Sizes listed are per robot. For example, the SCARA type with 650 size is a SCARA robot with a maximum envelope size of 650mm. Likewise, the 6-Axis type with 1000 size is a 6-Axis robot with a maximum envelope size of 1000mm.

3 Torque ranges above 5 N.m may require external support to counteract applied torque. External support can be provided by ASG at the time of quotation. Inquire with ASG if higher or lower torque ranges are required.

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