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The AX-05 Tabletop Package

Includes: Tabletop Robot, Screw Presenter, and Drive Tool

The AX-05 tabletop package is a simple, pre-packaged screw driving system. The package comes complete with fully integrated screw presenter and driver. The system is pre-assembled, programmed, and tested prior to shipment; providing for quick setup upon delivery.

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AX-05 Tabletop Package


AX-05 Tabletop Package

The AX-05 packaged components are:

  • Choice of Driver: ASG X-PAQ™ SD2500 or HIOS® driver
  • Choice of tabletop robot size
  • Screw presenter customized to screw dimensions
ASG Number Max. Robot Envelope Size Torque Range Power Min. Air Pressure
X x Y x Z(mm) N.m PSI
AX05-0000 300 x 320 x 100 0.1 -4.9 120V/1 PH 80
400 x 400 x 150 0.1 - 4.9 120V/1 PH 80
510 x 510 x 150 0.1 - 4.9 120V/1 PH 80
510 x 620 x 150 0.1 -4.9 120V/1 PH 80
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