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The AX-15 Multi-Spindle System

Includes: Z-Axis Multi-Spindle, Integrated Auto Feed, Drive Tools, Frame, and Safety Light Curtain

The AX-15 multi-spindle system is flexible in its design in that it can be provided as a semi or fully automated system. The system may also be provided with or without an auto feed screw feeding system. The number of spindles on this system may be increased or decreased to match the output required. Finally, the system can be provided with synchronous torque controls, allowing all of the drivers to reach torque simultaneously.

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AX-15 Multi-Spindle System


AX-15 Multi-Spindle System

The AX-15 packaged components are:

  • Choice of Driver: ASG X-PAQ™ SD2500, X-PAQ™ EH2, or Fiam® driver
  • ASG Integrated Auto Feed screw feeding system with 1L or 3L bowl size
  • Light curtain (required for automatic system)
  • Requested number of spindles – Generally, the system is provided with between 1 and 6 spindles
  • Frame size as indicated below
ASG Number 1Vertical Stroke 2Frame Size 3Torque Range Power Min.Air Pressure
mm W x D x H (m) N.m PSI
AX15-0000 100 0.9 x 1.0 x 2.0 0.1 - 500 230V/1 PH 92
100 1.1 x 1.1 x 2.0 0.1 - 500 230V/1 PH 92

1 Standard stroke. Stroke may be increased if required.

2 Sizes are approximate and for reference only. Standard frame is extruded aluminum. A steel base shall be provided for heavier applications.

3 Inquire with ASG if higher or lower torque values are required.

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