ASG: Superior Quality and Service for the Assembly Market

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc., was born of a long history of family-owned quality and service. As a division of Jergens —an industry-leading supplier of workholding, lifting and fastening solutions — this commitment to quality continues under the

careful control of the Schron family, who for generations has ensured that every customer gets the best products available.

ASG was founded in 1976 when Jack Schron Sr., our current president’s father, was given the opportunity to distribute HIOS® brand electric torque control screwdrivers in North America. Over time ASG expanded its product offering into a wider range of ASG-brand electric and pneumatic torque control screwdrivers, error-proofing and torque audit equipment, workstation supports and accessories, and more for the assembly market.  Today, our general manager is Bryon Shafer, who joined us in 2008 and has been instrumental in expanding ASG in several areas.

In 2009 we grew our product line by adding a range of products aimed at the industrial market sector and in May, 2010 we expanded into the controlled fastening market with acquisition of MicroTorque LLC, a leading manufacturer of precision torque and angle DC electric fastener systems.  This acquisition brought us into new markets and transformed ASG from a distributor into a manufacturer. The MicroTorque controllers, now called X-PAQ™ precision fastening systems, are manufactured in our facility, along with our SD2500 Series tranducerized DC electric screwdrivers. Adding these products to our portfolio opened up opportunities for growth and expansion, creating positions in our company for assembly, quality control, engineering, marketing and more.

With two international locations in China and India, we are now a global leader in products for the assembly market. We are organized into three product groups: Assembly, Industrial, and Precision Fastening.  Our product catalog is constantly expanding, and in the past year alone, we have added more than a dozen product lines across these three groups.  Furthermore, we are currently forming new partnerships for large product lines that we are acquiring.

What else can we do? Our technical repair and calibration department can fix everything we sell as well as calibrate most brands (offering a certificate of calibration), all performed up to NIST standards. Our value-added Integrated Services include and extended protection and maintenance plans for X-PAQ™ systems. Finally, our brand new website is fully searchable, completely user-friendly, carries all of our products online, and even offers a live customer service chat feature.

One of the things that really sets us apart – beyond our exceptional quality – is our employees, each of whom is dedicated to knowledable, friendly service. Our staff, which has more than doubled and grown internationally in the past four years, is all regularly trained in the specific products and areas of their focus.

With such skilled employees, superior products available through us and a worldwide distribution network, a recent ISO 9001:2008 recertification, and a family-run mentality of caring for every customer, we are proud to offer the best solutions in the industry.


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