How a Business Gets, and Stays, On Top

US-Italy-Flag-Handshake-with-Tag-and-LogosIt’s good news for the country’s manufacturing sector that the industry is coming back.  But what happened to so many companies while things were still bad? For many of them, they lost countless customers and revenue, or even closed before the turnaround happened.

  For others, though—those whose ingenuity and resourcefulness came out during those challenging times—it was an opportunity to rethink things and grow in other ways.  For those companies, things couldn’t be better.

ASG is proud to be an example of this.  How did we do it? According to Bryon Shafer, our General Manager, “We grew our business through partnering with industry-leading suppliers to offer new products, investing in smart opportunities, pulling from the best quality suppliers, continuing to aggressively market product through the market downturn, and using intelligent survival strategies.  Because of this, we saw the largest year over year growth in our company history!”

The most recent business-expanding endeavor we have undertaken is creating a strategic partnership with Fiam Utensili Pneumatici spa (Vicenza, Italy).  Fiam manufactures thousands of premier quality general and application-specific air tools and torque control products and solutions for the assembly industry. Widely used in the automotive, heavy equipment, and appliance industries—and simply too many more to name—these top-of-the-line products are the best choice for any application in which you need to properly tighten a threaded screw to a bolt or fastener pneumatically.  Today we are proud to say that we are their exclusive master distributor for North America.  Says Shafer, “Fiam’s line of air tools and accessories are premium-level tools unlike any we’ve offered before in their class, and the partnership has allowed us to fill a previous void in our product line. Through aggressive marketing, this partnership promises to open up our business significantly and increase our market share.”

What else can you do to stay ahead in the market? Expand your staff’s technical abilities through continuing, extensive training; add additional personnel as the need presents itself; add to your on-hand inventory to allow for quick shipment; offer value-added products and services to help your customers such as financing plans and preventative maintenance programs; and forge ongoing partnerships with industry leaders. Through these efforts, as well as by upgrading to longer-lasting, premium products, you’ll ensure continued success – and most importantly – your customers’ complete satisfaction. We’ve realized that this is truly the way to weather any storm and guarantee long-lasting success.  (Contributions by Bryon Shafer, ASG General Manager)

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