ASG Releases Latest Ultra Low Torque Precision Fastening System

Cleveland, Ohio – ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc., worldwide manufacturer and provider of torque products and solutions for assembly, is now offering an ultra low torque precision fastening system. The ASG CCS system is the answer to controlled fastening for electronics assembly and other low torque applications.

This new precision fastening system, ASG’s CCS System, is a brushless DC electric screwdriver optimal for S0.6 screws and larger. The screwdriver is small and lightweight with a torque range of 10.0 to 180 mN.m (1.42-25.56 inoz.) across the series. Data collection offers traceability, while the graphing capabilities provide a visual for assisting in rundown strategy set up. The controller offers the ability to set up 16 different rundown strategies to address different screws and target torques within a job. With its unique low torque range, this tool is ideal for electronics, small medical device assembly, and various other applications. It easily mounts to a robotic assembly system, such as the ASG tabletop robot package. The CCS System comes complete with the driver, controller, cable, and power supply.

“We are very excited to be able to provide assembly solutions at this torque range” states Tim Haper, ASG Product Manager. “So many applications in the electronics industry are getting smaller, with super low target torques. The CCS System is specifically designed for these challenges.”

To learn more, visit, or to see the product in action, view the demo video on the company’s vimeo page at Contact ASG by phone at 888-486-6163 or via email at for additional information.

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