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CCS Ultra Low Torque Precision Fastening System

Includes: CCS Screwdriver, Controller, Cable, and Power Supply

This new precision fastening system, ASG’s CCS System, is a brushless DC electric screwdriver optimal for S0.6 screws and larger. The screwdriver is small and lightweight with a torque range of 10.0 to 180 mN.m (1.42-25.56 inoz.) across the series. Data collection offers traceability, while the graphing capabilities provide a visual for assisting in rundown strategy set up. The controller offers the ability to set up 16 different rundown strategies to address different screws and target torques within a job. With its unique low torque range, this tool is ideal for electronics, small medical device assembly, and various other applications. It easily mounts to a robotic assembly system, such as the ASG tabletop robot package.

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CCS Low Torque Screwdriver
CCS Ultra Low Torque Precision Fastening System

The CCS System packaged components are:

  • ASG CCS Screwdriver (10-45 mN.m OR 30-180 mN.m)
  • Controller
  • Tool Cable
  • Power Supply and Cable
  • Software
  • Crossover Cable

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for S0.6 screws and larger
  • 3 modes - normal, tapping, high speed
  • Small, lightweight, and fast (up tp 1500 RPM)
  • Data collection and graphing
  • Easily mounts to robotic assembly systems
  • Control the system through PC or PLC
  • Program up to 16 different jobs
  • Customizable screw finder for vacuum pickup
ASG Number Screw Size Torque Range Max. Rotation Speed Dimensions Weight Approx. Output Voltage
ASG-CCS1500-45 S0.6-M1.2 10-45 mN.m (1.42-6.37 1500 RPM 30x43x124mm (1.2x1.7x4.9 in.) 280g (0.6lb) DC24V(3A)
ASG-CCS1500-180 M1.2-M2.0 30-180 mN.m (4.25-25.6 1500 RPM 30x43x152mm (1.2x1.7x6.0 in.) 405g (0.9lb) DC24V(3A)
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