HIOS - Electric Torque Tools for Assembly

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HIOS is the global leader in the design and manufacture of electric torque control screwdrivers and torque meters for the assembly industry. From the development of the HIOS M Series - the first electric screwdriver developed for industry - HIOS has been on the cutting edge of technology and development of electric torque tools and accessories in the assembly industry. Today HIOS manufactures some of the most popular lines of electric torque control screwdrivers including the VZ Series (AC electric direct plug-in), CL, A and SS Series (DC electric with power supply), and the BL and BLG Series (brushless DC electric models). HIOS also supplies a range of digital torque meters and other accessories.

HIOS is based in Matsudo City, Japan and operates several additional locations in Japan, China and Hong Kong. HIOS works with a global distribution network serving customers who focus their production on the full range of assembly applications and end markets. HIOS is certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ASG & HIOS Partnership

ASG is proud to be a Premier North American Provider for HIOS, Inc. Since the 1970s ASG and HIOS have been working and growing together, becoming synonymous with technologically advanced, high quality electric torque control screwdrivers, torque meters and accessories for the assembly industry. ASG provides the full line of HIOS brand tools for assembly and offers complete after sales service, calibration and support on HIOS products.

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