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such as electric and pneumatic screwdrivers, Gedore manual torque tools, production aides, X-PAQ precision fastening system, automation systems, and more!
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Featured Products

Fiam eTensil Electric Screwdriver

Fiam eTensil Electric Screwdriver

Electric, Efficient, and Accurate - eTensil is the response to the modern industry’s demand for green, versatile, and intelligent tools. Design, power, precision in construction, and excellence in manufacturing are the cornerstones that make eTensil a versatile solution. Torque range of 0.6-4.5 N.m across the series. Click for More Info

ASG CCS Ultra Low Torque Fastening System

ASG CCS Ultra Low Torque Precision Fastening System

A brushless DC electric screwdriver optimal for S0.6 screws and larger. The screwdriver is small and lightweight with a torque range of 10.0 to 180 mN.m (1.42-25.56 inoz.) across the series. Data collection offers traceability, while the graphing capabilities provide a visual for assisting in rundown strategy set up. Click for More Info

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Strategic Partners

ASG not only manufactures and distributes ASG-brand products. We are proud to be a long-time Premier North American Provider of HIOS high quality electric torque control screwdrivers and torque testers. We are also the Exclusive Master Provider in North America for Fiam, manufacturer of premium quality industrial air tools and accessories.In 2018, ASG formed a strategic partnership with GEDORE, a leading manufacturer of industrial torque tools.

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