ASG is excited to announce the introduction of the INTRTORQUE® system from HIOS® – A patented screw and bit combination. The newly design Super-Point provides superior engagement between the screw and bit, which ultimately translates to more consistent, repeatable, and higher-quality assembly of your parts. Find out why INTRTORQUE® is right for you.


BL Series

Super Point is an innovative tapered bit and design that fits precisely to a screw recess. With its guide and lock function, the bit end is smoothly led to the recess center without wobbling. Screw fastening errors can be reduced dramatically.

BL Series

Because of the reliable fitting, an operator no longer has to hold a screw while fastening. The workload of the operator can be reduced and work efficiency is improved.

BL Series

Super Point allows INTRTORQUE to work with an automatic screw feeder in situations where high accuracy and stability are required.

INTRTORQUE® Specifications

If you are curently using hexalobular-recessed screws, you can still use the driver bit with INTRTORQUE® and vise versa. INTRTORQUE® recess is compatibilt with hexalobular recess. Because of this compatibility, the shift from hexalobular to INTRTORQUE® is seamless and economical.

JCIS micro
screw size
Drive Size Pan Head Flat Head Thin Flat
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
M 1.2 IT2 x x x x x
M 1.4 IT3 x x x x x
M 1.7 IT4 x x x x x
M 2.0 IT5 x x x x x
JIS screw
Drive Size Pan Head Bind Head Truss Head Flat Head Oval Head Hexagon Head
Thin Flat
M 2.0 IT6 x x x x x - x
M 2.6 IT8 x x x x x - x
M 3.0 IT10 x x x x x x x
M 3.5 IT15 x x x x x x x
M 4.0 IT20 x x x x x x x
M 5.0 IT25 x x x x x x x
M 6.0 IT30 x x x x x x x

* Screw dimensions conform to the JCIS and JIS standards. If you want a special screw head other than those in the table above, please contact our Fastener Department.

INTRTORQUE® Application Videos

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